Sonic Safari Music
Best Selling Music Titles

African Safari
Sizzling African tribal music.
Banana Dance
Exuberant, colorful
latin pop rock.
Dragon Music
Explore spicy rich traditions of Asia - instrumental songs.
Guitar Sitar
An amazing global journey into a rich and sensuous bed of acoustic sound.
Fantastic Harley sounds
and music.
Jungle Guitars
Emerald green, earthy guitar instrumentals and jungle.
A joyous blend of hot latin rhythms with the mystic strains of India.
Romantic and relaxing aquamarine instrumentals.
Wondrous sonic journey to enchanted places - perfect for yoga and romance.
Rio Amazonas
Vibrant, acoustic instrumentals with Amazon sounds.
Sci Fi Music
Outrageous cool electronic space music - expand your imagination.
Steaming Baths
Sensual relaxation music.
passionate, sensuous island music.
World Drums
Explosive tribal drumming from around the globe.