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Tropical Island Music

I spent a month in French Polynesia and recorded some superb tropical island music. Do you like Tahitian drumming? (You know the log drums that accompany the sensuous dancers?) Well there's some staggering drumming on this CD along with exotic songs that will transport you to Tahiti.

Beguiling dancers tell seductive stories of ancient times when life was primitive and rustic. This mesmerizing music will take you on a fantasy voyage to forbidden places where life is simple and love is abundant.

Experience the passion of Tahiti with this exotic island music.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Ancient Tahiti click to listen to audio sample 4:04
2. Paea Takoto click to listen to audio sample 2:50
3. Te Aito 3:37
4. Chuckatoa click to listen to audio sample 2:55
5. Pua Rata 3:30
6. Otea Vahine Kiei Tawhiti click to listen to audio sample 6:20
7. Bamboo 4:48
8. Toete click to listen to audio sample 3:53
9. Tiritautau Napoko 3:25
10. Pa Hae Te Manu 3:51
11. Otea Tane Kei Tawhiti 6:51
12. Conch 5:09