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Steaming Baths

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Steaming Baths

Sensual Relaxation Music

Arouse your most intimate senses with the world's most seductive mood music. Explore sexy, smoldering worlds of sonic pleasure with Steaming Baths.

Experience magical dream-like relaxation and surrender to the spell of steaming fragrant waters. This incandescent instrumental music is guaranteed to soothe and tantalize you with its passionate liquid melodies. Check out the alluring song titles below.

Put this CD on and hop into a nice hot tub to enjoy an extended, soothing soak.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Polina's Song click to listen to audio sample 7:02
2. Sensual Mists click to listen to audio sample 4:46
3. Brazilian Passion click to listen to audio sample 4:41
4. Steaming Baths click to listen to audio sample 9:06
5. Scented Waters 4:50
6. Silk Pleasures 7:35
7. Turkish Baths 4:19
8. Whispering Waters click to listen to audio sample 8:13
9. Soft and Moist 6:01


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