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Rapturous Relaxation

Expand your horizons with dreamlike meditation music. A wondrous journey to enchanted places. Meditation is an intimate recording that blends the sounds of nature, ethnic instruments, ancient melodies and a rich tapestry of textured percussion.

Meditation takes you on a mystical journey into the world of spirit. Many massage therapists and yoga masters have used Meditation in their work. Magical drones blend with nature's sensuous sounds. Relax to the glowing, moonlit sounds whose sheer intimacy will reduce stress and induce breathless, intimate release.

Drift to a higher plane with Meditation.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Amazon Dreams click to listen to audio sample 10:06
2. Ancient Drum click to listen to audio sample 10:20
3. Airless click to listen to audio sample 10:03
4. Shades of Kashmir click to listen to audio sample 18:48
5. Visions click to listen to audio sample 9:23


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