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Chuck Music

Composed and
Performed by Chuck Jonkey.
A Blend of Musical Styles
from Many Countries.

Exotic Worlds

Experience a Rainbow of
Cultures from Africa, the
Americas and Far Beyond.

Exotic Asia

Discover Exotic New Worlds
of Sonic Pleasure from Asia.
Includes Music of Bali, Java, Japan,
China, India and Much More.


Explore Other Worlds with
Cool Electronic Music. Explore
High Voltage Music at it’s Best.


Relaxing Mystical Journeys
for Your Mind and Body.

World Beat

This is Chuck’s Music Using
Instruments He Has Collected
From Around the World.
He Blends Musical Styles
From Many Countries.


Chuck Has Traveled
Over a Million Miles to
Bring the Worlds Greatest
Village Music to You.


Experience Video Safaris
with Chuck as He Explores
Many Cultures and Lands.


Experience Fascinating Sounds
from Around the World to
Create Visions in Your Mind.