Guitar Sitar

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Guitar Sitar

Innovative, Exotic, Adventure Music

An amazing global journey into a rich sensuous bed of luxurious sound on the world's only 17 stringed guitar sitar. The guitar/sitar was custom made for Chuck Jonkey by the skilled hands of Scott Hackleman.

Chuck relates: "After my first trip to India I started to study the sitar and realized that there are many things you can do on sitar that aren't possible on guitar. I started searching for someone with the expertise to put my ideas onto the the instrument." Here is the result... 7 main playing strings and 10 sympathetics. The guitar/sitar evokes a surreal sonic presence that blends with acousticdrums, percussion, tamboura and other exotic instruments.

Don't miss this colorful, meditative and brilliant rhythmic recording.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Rainbow Eyes click to listen to audio sample 7:03
2. Emerald Skies click to listen to audio sample 6:17
3. Azure 7:39
4. Golden Kashmir 4:07
5. Sapphire Stars click to listen to audio sample 7:28
6. Ebony Earth 4:56
7. Punjabi Peach 7:07
8. Coral Sands click to listen to audio sample 4:36
9. Indigo Dusk click to listen to audio sample 6:26
10. Chuck's Moonlight 4:32