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Voyage to Romantic Shorelines

Malibu's music will seduce you with its sensuous aquamarine instrumentals. Malibu captures the romance and allure of pulsing ocean tides. Relax to sultry sunsets on luminous sea shores. Incandescent melodies blend with natural sounds to capture the magnificence of the Malibu shoreline... the world's greatest seascape.

Malibu's passionate music is "mystical & cinematic". These instrumental masterpieces were inspired by evocative languid sunsets that create an aura of romance & passion. Let Malibu send you to new heights of sensory awareness.

Perfect for relaxation, meditation, fantasy and more.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. We Kiss click to listen to audio sample 5:16
2. Sunrise 2:06
3. Seaside Romance 5:35
4. Primal Nights 4:41
5. Deep Ocean Meditation 7:33
6. Windjammer click to listen to audio sample 3:39
7. Sensuous Shores 4:59
8. Let’s Fly to Bali click to listen to audio sample 6:24
9. Sands of Light 4:36
10. Camino Real 6:02
11. Malibu Moods 5:48