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Artist: Chuck Jonkey
Welcome to Alto Selva Alegre. A provocative, exotic collection of wild jungle music. Sizzling, seductive, pleasure-filled music that will tantalize and stimulate you. Chuck lived in Peru for 2 fun years. Alto Selva Alegre is a small area in Arequipa. He has always loved the name (translated: The High Happy Jungle). So here's his exotic musical tribute to the jungle using a barrage of crazy instruments, loads of percussion, drums & gongs. Indulge your senses with Alto Selva Alegre.
Artist: Chuck Jonkey Balloon Band
Welcome to the world’s first all balloon musical instrument recording. Sizzling & Colorful describes Balloon Music. All of the music was created using hand-madeinstruments created by Chuck Jonkey using balloons. No samplers or synthesizers were used for this fascinating CD. All music was played live, the ultimate "latex - acoustic" recording. Instruments used: balloon harp, balloon bass, balloon flutes, balloon sax, balloon guitar, balloon drums, balloon xylophone, balloon shakers, balloon bassoon, balloon rainstick and much more. Sit back & enjoy an incredible world of Balloon Music.
Artist: Chuck Jonkey
Welcome to the world of Deep Wood. All wood instruments including marimba, contra bass marimba, cajon, wood drums, bamboo tube drums, acoustic guitars & loads of percussion. This music delves deeply into the world’s oldest living spirits - the trees. Walk in deep forests, ancient jungles and deep green valleys. All of the instruments were played by Chuck Jonkey.
Artist: Shubhayu Sen Majumdar
Dilruba is a delightful instrument found in North India. It is used for light classical & religious music. The dilruba usually has 4 main playing strings and 14 sympathetic strings. The bridge rests on goat skin that is attached to the instrument's top. Enjoy stellar, soaring voice-like melodies with Dilruba.
Exotic Music represents some of the most amazing music Chuck has recorded around the world. Some of these cuts represent the first ever recordings of this village music. Recorded in many different countries on site, Exotic Music will take you on an astounding Sonic Safari to Exotic Worlds.
Welcome to an exotic world of Guitars & other strange stringed instruments. The music here was inspired by my travels to distant lands and their amazing natural wonders. The Instruments used on this CD include: Oud, Sitar, Surbahar, Dobro, Surbitar, Guitar/Sitar, Parrot (Dan Bau), Guchen, Lap steel, Setar, Charrango, Ukulele, Tamboura, Fretless bass, Jewari Bass, Bari-tone Classical & Electric guitars and many other acoustic and electric guitars (fretted & fretless). Loads of ethnic percussion and drums were used: Dholak, Tablas, Kendang, Tarahumara Drum, Daf, Ceng Ceng, Gansa, Bonang , lots of shakers & more.
India Songs of Love is a delightful light hearted series of folk songs from Northern India that evoke images of love in small villages. Recordings feature the wonderful santur (hammered dulcimer), bansuri (bamboo flute) & beautiful tabla drums. Recorded in Calcutta, India & Glendale, California.
Tarun Bhattacharya: Santur
Subir Ray: Bansuri
Prasenjeet Poddar: Tabla
Chuck Jonkey: Percussion, Bass, Keyboards
Artist: Indradeep Ghosh
Indradeep Ghosh was born in Kolkata. He began playing violin at age 6 under the guidance of Sri Anamitra Mustafi. His studies continued with Prof. Smt. Sisirkana Dhar Chowdhury. He also performed with maestros like Pt. V.G. Jog and Pt. Kumar Bose. His precise bowing technique creates fluid tones that soar heavenward. Indradeep has performed globally to amazed audiences.
Explore beautiful sonic possibilities with Indian Slide Guitar. Chuck has always loved classical and folk music from India. Here is a marvelous recording featuring master guitarist Pradeep Nag exploring melodic and rhythmic soundscapes. The guitar explores the world of raga with depth and conviction. Combine the ethereal guitar with tablas masterfully played and you have a recipe for magic. Slide Guitar: Pradeep Nag. Tabla: Prasenjeet Poddar
Thick, dense, musky jungle ambience provide the sonic background to colossal drums in Chuck Jonkey’s new CD Jungle Drums. Fiery exotic rhythms will knock your socks off. Primitive, Primal and Powerful drum beats echo through rainforest nights to create foot-stomping, smoldering tropical music. Magical drums and haunting percussion instruments create an aura of mystery to enchanted places. You’ve dreamed about the jungle... now you can realize your deepest desires. Experience a Sonic Safari to nature's greatest creation. Close your eyes and fly above the rainforest canopy with screaming monkeys, brilliant parrots, and millions of other creatures. Fragrant flowers and thundering rivers guide you to tropical sunsets. Don’t miss Jungle Drums - an experience that will touch your soul.
An impressionistic palette of sensuous instrumental music. Experience an overwhelming sense of romance and love. They come to us only in our deepest dreams....Mystic lovers whose haunting beauty is elusive and exotic. Musically seductive guitars, ouds, sitars, tambouras, flutes and many other exotic acoustic instruments create magical music. Savor the Dream-like sounds of Mystic Lovers.
Amazing Vocal Percussion Music Chuck Jonkey recorded this group in the tiny jungle village of Sadimara. Genjek music accompanies many rituals and ceremonies. The musicians drink "tuak" (sweet palm wine) to get into the proper mood. The lead singers start out with a slow melody (accompanied by bamboo xylophone, drums and percussion). The music explodes into a wild cacophony of musical counterpoint as the background singers chant interlocking drum parts with their voices. Don’t miss this wonderful musical safari.
Shiva features exciting drums from South India with the amazing stringed instrument called Veena. Mridangam a two headed drum), Ghatam (clay pot drum), Kanjira (small lizard skin drum) and Morchang (jew’s harp) perform astounding rhythmic music.
Exotic musical textures, rhythms, and sounds take you to uncharted destinations. Discover fascinating new sonic worlds. The Instruments used on this CD: Bajo Sexto, Sitar, Surbahar, Surbitar, Guitar/Sitar, Dan Bau, Guchen, Lap steel, Setar, Tamboura, Fretless bass, Jewari Bass, Baritone guitars & more. Ethnic percussion: Gong drum, Tablas, Kendang, Daf, Ceng, Bonang, shakers and lots more. Welcome to Strange Worlds
Artist: Kalae Group
Explore new worlds of exotic tribal music with Thai Folk Music. Chuck Jonkey recorded this amazing authentic Thai music that features all acoustic hand-made instruments: The Saw - a bowed 2 string instrument with the body of a coconut; The Ranat Ek - a beautiful wood xylophone made in the shape of a Thai boat; The Ching - cool small hand cymbals that add a shimmer to the music; Klui - a long bamboo flute; and Thon Cha Tri - a very strong, powerful drum made from the trunk of a small tree. Chuck traveled to northern Thailand to find this colorful, tropical music that takes you to the jungles of Thailand. Don’t miss Thai Folk Music.
I love the sound of wind chimes. For a long time I’ve planned to compose a CD featuring all wind chimes. I recently heard the fantastic Grace Note Chimes. I was so impressed that I contacted Mike McClure (owner of and this recording is the result. Special thanks to Mike, his family and staff. This won't be the last recording using the Magical sounds of these chimes.