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Deep Wood

Chuck Jonkey

Welcome to the world of Deep Wood. All wood instruments including marimba, contra bass marimba, cajon, wood drums, bamboo tube drums, acoustic guitars & loads of percussion.

This music delves deeply into the world’s oldest living spirits - the trees. Walk in deep forests, ancient jungles and deep green valleys.

All of the instruments were played by Chuck Jonkey.

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Tracks Length
1. Deep Wood Overture 6:17 Buy MP3 89¢

2. Trees Can Dance 5:06 Buy MP3 89¢

3. Abaka’ Shinu 6:32 Buy MP3 89¢

4. Arboreal Procession 9:31 Buy MP3 89¢

5. 17 Baobabs 4:49 Buy MP3 89¢

6. Quaking Aspen 4:59 Buy MP3 89¢

7. Swirling Jungle Dance 7:20 Buy MP3 89¢

8. Ancient Tree Spirits 6:17 Buy MP3 89¢

9. Poison Wood Shuffle 7:32 Buy MP3 89¢

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