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Strange Worlds

Chuck Jonkey

Exotic musical textures, rhythms, and sounds take you to uncharted destinations. Discover fascinating new sonic worlds.

The Instruments used on this CD: Bajo Sexto, Sitar, Surbahar, Surbitar, Guitar/Sitar, Dan Bau, Guchen, Lap steel, Setar, Tamboura, Fretless bass, Jewari Bass, Baritone guitars & more.

Ethnic percussion: Gong drum, Tablas, Kendang, Daf, Ceng, Bonang, shakers and lots more.

Welcome to Strange Worlds

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Tracks Length
1. Walking Backwards 7:07 Buy MP3 89¢

2. World of Fractals 3:46 Buy MP3 89¢

3. Strange New Worlds 8:34 Buy MP3 89¢

4. Cruising the Universe 4:10 Buy MP3 89¢

5. Ghost Towns of Mars 4:13 Buy MP3 89¢

6. Such a Strange Place 6:29 Buy MP3 89¢

7. Deep Spheres 7:02 Buy MP3 89¢

8. Weird & Wonderful 3:39 Buy MP3 89¢

9. Tallest Peak in the Universe 10:28 Buy MP3 89¢

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