Best Wireless Headphones for Music Lover

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Offering a massive range of brands and styles, our headphones selection is truly comprehensive! If it’s something for the commute to work, college or school you’re after, then check out our range of in-ear headphones. Before buying, we recommend reading reviews from New Real Review (NRR) on the best headphones on the market. Small, light but always chosen for the best sound at their price, these are the most popular choice for music on the go. If you’re connecting up to your smartphone, then why not choose a pair that also come with a built-in mic – perfect for switching between calls and music. Do check the model you’re interested in carefully, though, as some only work with Apple iOS and not Android phones or vice versa. Ranging from a few dollars to around $1000, we really do have in-ears for all budgets!

For music at home you’ll probably prefer best earplugs headphones. Although larger, these generally offer a more dynamic sound and greater long-term listening comfort. Check that the plug size is right for your system as you may find you’ll need a 3.5mm – 6.3mm adaptor plug. There are essentially two types of on-ear headphones; closed back and open back. Closed back offer superior, passive noise isolation for blocking outside sounds. As they don’t tend to leak sound, they’re also more sociable for those around! Open back designs let more noise in and out but they also tend to sound more spacious.

If you’re a regular traveller then you might want to consider noise-cancelling headphones. Perfect for use on planes, trains and coaches, these actively block out background noise. Price for price, the sound quality won’t be quite as good as regular headphones and they do require battery power but they can make all the difference between a stressful journey and a soothing one!

For complete freedom from wires, try out a pair of wireless headphones. The most popular use two types of wireless transmission; RF (Radio Frequency) or Bluetooth. RF usually offers a longer range but the downside is that a transmitter is also required, making them less flexible. Bluetooth headphones will easily pair with your smartphone, tablet and many other devices, but do tend to be limited to a range of around 10m.

Finally, if music means the world to you (as it does us), then why not check out our premium range. Boasting the finest brands such as Grado, AKG, Sennheiser, PSB, Beyerdynamic, Shure, Final Audio Design, Bang & Olufsen, Oppo & Audeze, we’re truly proud of our extended premium range. Premium quality headphones can deliver astonishing sound quality with the detail and resolution usually associated with amp and speakers costing many thousands of dollars.

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