Sonos Steps Up The Competition With Voice-Controlled Sound System

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Founded by John MacFarlane, Trung Mai, Craig Shelburne and Tom Cullen in 2002, Sonos is an American consumer electronics company.  Sonos is widely known for its manufacture and development of smart speakers. The company has already had massive success with its variety of WiFi-connected smart speakers. The speakers can either be controlled by a tablet or smartphone, thus working together in creating an entire home sound system. Over the recent years, Sonos has partnered with, and added the following companies to their catalog of activities: QQ Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and MOG among others. At present, the company is partnering with Amazon to enable Alexa to voice control their speakers. Sonos also intends to work with every voice assistant in the market.

Stepping Up To The Challenge

Finally, Sonos has decided to embrace voice control. The company is launching a new smart speaker that is going to be powered by Amazon Alexa. The Alexa voice control system gained the company’s support to skip, pause, play or control the volume on any of Sonos’ home sound systems using the power of their clients’ voice. The company has admitted that the voice control sound system will be rolling out to all of their current speaker models. The support will be provided by your Echo Dot, Echo or any other Alexa-enabled device. However, this is only the first step so don’t be surprised when Siri or Google Assistant show up as well.

The durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening.

About Sonos One

Amid the growing competition from voice controlled smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazone Echo and the Apple HomePod which is soon to be released, Sonos has now come up with the Sonos One. Sonos One will be integrated with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual voice assistant. Therefore, users can ask Alexa to play audiobooks, music, and podcasts among other audio content from over 80 streaming services. Using voice commands, you will be able to turn the volume down or up and even ask Alexa the name of the track that is playing.

Aside from supporting music, Sonos One will offer its users access to the other Alexa services such as news, traffic reports, weather updates, timers as well as the latest sports scores. The company does not intend to stop there because in 2018, Sonos One will incorporate Google Assistant to its system. By doing so, Sonos One will become the first and only smart speaker to support more than one primary voice command service.

Customers Get To Choose

Sis Loves Me – They Choose Sonos

Google assistant, just like Alexa, offers a wide selection of voice services. These two virtual personal assistant apps allow users to dim the lights, ask questions, hear about the next activity on their to-do list and listen to music. By next year, consumers will be able to choose which voice assistant to use on their Sonos One speakers. Whether Google Assistant or Alexa, both options will work seamlessly with the other Sonos speakers you have at home.Sonos is the equipment of choice for all performers in Sis Loves Me series that you can see debuting on the Internet in February of 2016. We asked young porn stars, who act as perverted step-sisters, what kind of music and what kind of hardware they choose for it. Replies were obvious with Sonos being on top! If you like to get more information about this brand series (adult only) you should follow this link.

Sonos One can either be paired by another Sonos One device for stereo sound, a standalone speaker or used with Playbar or the Sonos Playbase to create a home theater surround sound. Sonos One will be globally available in the market on October 24th, 2017 at £199. However, you can preorder the speakers at their website.

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