Sonic Safari Music Testimonials

Actual testimonials from customers who have purchasedSonic Safari Music

“I am thoroughly enjoying the first four CDs I purchased. Please send me a current catalog for more.”

– Fred B.

“Please send me your latest catalog. Also add me to your e-mail list. This is some of the most unusual and beautiful music I have ever heard.”

– Raymond R.

“I recently received my order that I placed with you. I too enjoy the unique instrumental sounds and combinations of nature and music. What a great ear and talent you have. I love all of my purchases.”

– G. M.

“I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy the music. I love it! And not just me, but my girlfriends also share the same opinion. This music is wonderful. My girlfriends and I especially like it because most of it is so Romantic. We like to listen to it while we are having our “interludes” because it transports us to a place we only dreamed we could experience. I have never allowed myself to become so carried away by music before. This music has helped me in several aspects of my life, it has helped my sex life, my spiritual life and my mental well being. It has provided me with a way of experiencing several different fantasies: flying around the galaxy in a spaceship, making love to a goddess in the midst of a jungle in the Amazon and be present at a ritual dance being performed by Navajo indians.”

– Bradly D.

“I recently discovered your excellent music. About a week ago I ordered “Chuckdance” & “Bananadance”. I look forward to hearing more of your amazing tunes for many years to come.”

– Kevin P.

“I received “Parallel Universe” and “Deep Space”… as a massage therapist, I use this sound as an additional therapy to create a comfortable space… a truly serene balance that is unobtrusive yet recognizable there. I really love your stuff!!”

– Dyana G.


“This Sunday morning your “Meditation” CD is playing and it is truly a wonderful experience. I was able to play along and still be transported to another space… this is a blessing.”

– Craig H.

“I’m your biggest fan. I love your music… with “Meditation” & “Rio Amazonas” I feel emotionally grounded and spiritually rescued. I use this music all of the time for my massage therapy.”

– Dave C.
Rio Amazonas Video

Rio Amazonas

“I’m an American singer, now living in Europe. A friend introduced me to your music six years ago when I was in the process of terminating an international career singing opera. Around the time I stepped out of that world, your music was a source of healing for me… especially “Rio Amazonas.” These days I find myself returning to that album with fresh ears and taking new inspiration.”

– J. S.

“I bought the “Rio Amazonas” CD for my husband for our anniversary, he put it on and… Va Va Voom! Thanks so much for this really seductive music.”

– R.B.

“Thank you for your speedy response to my order. I love my tape, “Rio Amazonas.””

– Rebecca P.

Angels’ Songs

“My lover and I both enjoy “Angels’ Songs.”

– Jim K.

“I just wanted to call and thank you for the CDs. “Angels’ Songs” is perfect. I use it and “Rio Amazonas” at my spa, they are relaxing and create the perfect ambience.”

– Carol D.

““Angels’ Songs” is the best music I’ve ever listened to. My daughter keeps borrowing it so I’m buying another copy.”

– Joyce T.

“I have the Tahiti CD and I just love it.”

– Fran. B.

“These recordings are awesome! I just received your “Tahiti” CD and its exponentially greater than I expected. Truly delightful, especially since having spent some time there in the South Pacific, enjoying the indigenous music. Thanks for what you’re doing, the stuff if great!”

– Steve O.

“I don’t even know the right words to express my admiration and excitement to your music. “Malibu” is most fascinating! I listened to the music all night long, it’s so sensual and at the same time so relaxing.”

– Julia P.


“My copy of “Charana” came last week and I am very pleased with the entire CD.”

– John P.

Peyote Ceremony

Peyote Ceremony” is a superb recording… thanks so much.”

– James B.

“I listened to “Drums of Light” and it put a smile on my face & lifted my spirits. The combinations of instruments & sounds are unusual and great. The music just absorbs me and takes me away from it all.”

-Bob L.

“I love “Drums of Light” and “ Drums of Light 2”. I can see and feel the jungle around me as I listen to the exotic beat of the drums. I am now a big fan of your God given talent.”

– Nancy R.