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Chuck Jonkey's Sonic Safari

Chuck is an adventurer, composer, businessman, film maker and motivator. His exotic adventures have taken him to the furthest reaches of primitive worlds in many countries. He lived 2 years in Peru and has traveled around the globe documenting and recording world culture. He helps organizations keep their creative edge through techniques learned in the field.

This amazing speaker will take your organization on an exciting journey to exotic, primitive worlds. Chuck teaches, entertains and inspires with an emotionally charged awe-inspiring multi-media presentation. He understands the organizational importance of encouraging creativity and fostering effective team work.

Chuck Jonkey has produced over 107 CDs of music and created documentaries from around the globe. Over the last 20 years his independent record label, Sonic Safari Music, has produced fascinating music featured in movies and television such as: Beyond Borders, Mighty Joe Young, The Doors, JFK, Proof of Life, Flubber, Heaven On Earth, The Film That Never Was, The Discovery Channel, Survivors, The Travel Channel, and much more.

Chuck combines his creativity with a spirit of adventure to show audiences how to thrive in their organizations through courage, personal accountability and creative new approaches to solving problems. He teaches, entertains and inspires using his exotic adventure experiences.

Multimedia Presentation Titles

Adventure Living: Developing a lust for life.
If you could do anything in your life what would it be? Chuck discovered that some of the world's poorest people see to be among the happiest and most creative. What is their secret? Learn to let go of your preconceived notions of what makes happiness.
Tribal Leadership in a Modern World
Principles of leadership that inspire all members of the tribe. The "time keeper" of the group has the simplest job yet without him the tribe falls apart. Time honored techniques that have worked since the dawn of time.
Chuck Jonkey's Adventure Quest
Discover fascinating worlds of amazing culture as Chuck travels to small villages in search of cultural excellence. Take an armchair safari to distant lands and experience the wonders of this colorful world.
Jungle School
It's a jungle out there... might as well learn from it. Learning from the Amazon Rainforest. Utilize nature's dynamic formula for success. Applying nature's solutions to everyday challenges.
Pure Adventure Series
Chuck has traveled to many countries in search of exotic music, dance and ritual. Discover fascinating facts from Chuck's expeditions. Very entertaining presentations guaranteed to take the audience on an imaginary safari to distant shores.
Additional programs can be developed to fit your needs

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