Exotic Guitars


Exotic Guitars

Welcome to the world of Exotic Guitars (& other strange stringed instruments).

A fantastic flash of audio color – Exotic Guitars delivers exhuberant music that excites and inspires.

Instruments used on this recording include: Oud, Sitar, Surbahar, Surbitar, Guitar/Sitar, Parrot (Dan Bau), San Xian, Guchen, Dobro, Lap steel, Setar, Charrango, Ukulele, Tamboura, Fretless bass, Jewari Bass, Baritone Classical and Electric guitars with many additional acoustic and electric guitars (fretted & fretless).

Loads of ethnic percussion and drums provide a wild fusion of rhythmic style. Dholak, Tablas, Tarahumara Drum, Daf, Kendang, Ceng Ceng, Gansa, Bonang and lots of shakers churn with tropical artistry.

Experience the power of Exotic Guitars.
Tracks                        MP3 Length
1. Hari’s 21                      8:17

2. Jungle 6                      6:01

3. Sailaway                     4:31

4. Pisac                           4:29

5. Banana Juice              3:53

6. Cool Texas                  3:29

7. Bamboo Forest            5:02

8. Highway 52                 5:12

9. Cool Hand                   5:01

10. Srinegar Sunset         2:14

11. Fairy Dance               1:15

12. Spider                        3:12

13. 19 Moons                   4:13

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