World Trains

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World Trains

Train Sounds from Around the World

Capture the spirit of rail travel. I love traveling by train. There's nothing like sleeping on a train and just watching the world go by.

I recorded train sounds on my expeditions to Mexico, China, Russia, Peru, Belarus, Java and more. Ride the train to Macchu Picchu, visit Canyon del Cobre (the Mexican grand canyon), and the train to Minsk. You'll thrill to sounds from inside and out.

Just sit back and imagine yourself visiting the world by train.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Freight Train Changes Cars click to listen to audio sample 4:33
2. South American Village Train click to listen to audio sample 5:24
3. Train to Macchu Picchu click to listen to audio sample 7:44
4. Russian Trolleys 4:30
5. Train to Minsk Leaves click to listen to audio sample 3:34
6. Puno Altiplano Train 1:37
7. Train to Belarus 1:21
8. Peruvian Highlands 5:15
9. Kid Plays Flute by Tracks 1:29
10. Chinese Train 3:31
11. Russian Train Leaves Station 3:37
12. Inside Train to Minsk 5:20
13. Between Cars click to listen to audio sample 2:32
14. Train Leaves Cuzco, Peru 7:05