World Drums

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World Drums

Explosive Tribal Drums

I love drums. World Drums is a collection of the finest drum recordings I've made. Imagine being in one room with the world's greatest drummers. Here's your chance.

Discover the colorful, tropical beats of Senegal, Gambia, Java, Bali, Japan, India, Peru, south east Asia and more. Includes the magical drums of Native American tribes. You'll be hooked on the infectious rhythms of great village drummers as they pound out beats on hand-made drums.

If you love drums and primitive rhythms... World Drums is the answer to your quest for excellence and adventure.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Grndrung Drums
(East Java)
2. Kaolak Talking Drum
click to listen to audio sample 3:54
3. Senggak
(West Java)
click to listen to audio sample 3:54
4. South India
5. Ryo Ranjo
6. Se Me Van Los Pies
7. Pura Rata
8. Yatai Bayashi
click to listen to audio sample 2:50
9. Mating Dance
(United States)
click to listen to audio sample 4:30
10. Auki Saqra
11. Pan Alivio 2
(Afro Peru)
12. San Jo
13. Gandrung Jaran Ucul
(East Java)
14. Peyote Song
(Native American)
15. Tabla Tin Tal
click to listen to audio sample 8:29