Russian Underground

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Russian Underground

Russian Soundscape

Welcome to the "Motherland". Russian Underground will take you on a sonic journey through Russia. Sit back... close your eyes... drift away to a magical place far away.

I love Russia... its culture... its people... its natural beauty and its wonderful sounds. You'll hear fantastic Russian street musicians... sounds of the gentle rain that falls in the vast forests and childrens' laughter on their field trip to famous "Peter & Paul's Fortress." Take a ride on the incredible Metro 20 stories beneath the streets of St. Petersburg.

Immerse yourself in the Russian culture.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Sudarushka (folk group)
2. Rain in the Forest
3. Kids at the Fortress
4. Peter the Great’s Lathe
5. Russian Radio click to listen to audio sample
6. Nichego (folk group) click to listen to audio sample
7. Metro sounds click to listen to audio sample
8. Fortress Chimes click to listen to audio sample
9. Romanoff’s Tomb
10. Ducks in the Meadow (accordion solo)
11. Russian TV
12. Train to Minsk
13. Veldt (folk group)
14. Kids & Cars
15. Traffic in the Rain
16. Russian Train
17. Cteng (folk group)
18. TV News
19. Neva River
20. Steel Door
21. Ivushka (folk group)
22. Electric Trolley click to listen to audio sample
23. Train Sounds
24. Magical Boxes (accordion solo)
25. TV
26. Footsteps
27. Traffic
28. Child on Train
29. Bach (accordion solo)
30. Road Ralley