Rio Amazonas

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Rio Amazonas

Explore Paradise

Join me on an expedition to the Amazon's Emerald Forest for this powerful instrumental tribute to the AMAZON. I went on several expeditions to record nature's sounds which provide the rich sonic background to this vibrant acoustic musical experience.

Exotic instruments I used are pan pipes, charrango, flute, guitar, tribal drums & lots of ethnic percussion. Dance To The Moon, Children Of The River & The Gathering... plus 8 more tunes.

The Manhattan Transfer recorded "Encuentro De Animales" (cut #2) on their "Offbeat of the Avenues" album.

Experience undreamed of pleasure.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. La Gran Anaconda
(The Great Anaconda)
2. Encuentro De Animales
(The Gathering)
click to listen to audio sample 6:29
3. Baile A La Luna
(Dance to the Moon)
4. Un Nuevo Dia
(A New Day)
click to listen to audio sample 3:36
5. Desfile En Carnaval
(Carnival March)
6. Niños Del Rio - Part 1
(Children of the River - Part 1)
7. Niños Del Rio - Part 2
(Children of the River - Part 2)
8. Ella Que Da Y Quita La Vida
(The Giver and Taker of Life)
9. Danza De Delfines
(Ballet of the Dolphins)
10. La Ceremonia
(The Ceremony)
click to listen to audio sample 3:32
11. El Principio Y El Fin
(The Beginning and the End)
click to listen to audio sample 6:54