Dinosaur Drums

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Dinosaur Drums

The First Dinosaur Recording in 200 Million Years

Ever heard DINOSAURS? Well, I created a soundtrack that will take you back in time.

Announcing Dinosaur Drums... a fantastic sonic re-creation of giant reptiles as they thunder across the earth in a restless search for food & territory.

Experience the primitive. Return to an age of wonder and let your mind wander back to ancient times, to imagine what it must have been like. Who hasn't wished to go back in time? Now you can experience the explosive world of the thundering dinosaurs. Knock your socks off with these Herculean soundscapes: "THUNDER LIZARD," "TRIASSIC TWILIGHT," "VELOCIRAPTOR," "T. REX SLEEPS" and more. You'll be amazed as you discover the far distant past.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Thunder Lizard click to listen to audio sample 3:42
2. Triassic Twilight click to listen to audio sample 6:58
3. Dino Dance click to listen to audio sample 2:37
4. The Stalk 6:19
5. Baby Dinosaurs 4:09
6. Velociraptor 3:53
7. Ancient Jungle 6:30
8. The Hunt 6:57
9. T. Rex Sleeps 6:27