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Natural, Soothing, Evocative and Meditative

Explore the ancient traditions of China with magnificent acoustic music performed on exotic, expressive musical instruments. Natural, soothing, evocative and meditative describe the unearthly sounds of erhu (chinese violin), guchen (zither), flute gongs and brilliant percussion and many other instruments. Travel to the far east and enjoy a cool evening stroll through fragrant gardens in the verdant chinese country-side.

Traditional village music transports you back to nature. Ancient instruments, velvety melodies and resonant strains take you on an unforgettable exotic trip through China.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Zi Zue Dioa click to listen to audio sample 2:41
2. Ching Son Qui click to listen to audio sample 2:46
3. Er-Quan YinYeu click to listen to audio sample 3:17
4. Guzheng Song 2 4:13
5. Live Actors 1:59
6. Mu Ge Mong gu 1:19
7. Guan Shan Yueh 1:36
8. Chinese in Garden 0:51
9. Birds Singing 2:42
10. Guzheng 4:27
11. Jasmine Flower 1:16
12. Masoleum Nanjing 1:16
13. Liu Yang River click to listen to audio sample 3:03
14. Mo Ming Zi-Ge click to listen to audio sample 3:08
15. Song of Yimeng 1:04
16. Ching Song Qui (Part 2) 2:46