Berber Marrakesh

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Berber Marrakesh

A vibrant slice of rhythmic color from Morocco

I found these spectacular musicians in the medina of Marrakesh and arranged to record and film them. The Berber culture expanded through north and west Africa around 3,000 years ago. Between 300 BC and 400 AD they became nomadic peoples living in the deserts and mountains.

This music features drums, percussion, rebab (bowed instrument), banjo and vocals. The group's leader plays with a rooster on his head!

Don't miss an amazing experience with the musicians of the Berber tribe.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Asghr Boussalm click to listen to audio sample 7:56
2. Afoulky click to listen to audio sample 9:59
3. Boufoullouss 6:06
4. Mani Trit Ayadarino 6:57
5. Marrakesh click to listen to audio sample 6:23
6. Tamssoust 2:34
7. Tayri 10:58
8. Thowarit 6:16
9. Tighirssi 8:42