Amazon Nights

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Amazon Nights

World's Greatest Jungle Recording

The Amazon rainforest is 100 million years old. Experience its many moods. Discover the sound of the Amazon at night... myriad numbers of frogs, crickets & strange insects emerge to emit beautiful nocturnal calls. Natives tell legends describing disembodied calls they hear at night.

Exotic birds, insects and mammals rove the jungle. I made many expeditions into the jungle to record the rainforest to capture its moods. No man made sounds on this recording. Delve into the depths of steaming jungle. The only way to enjoy the jungle without mosquitoes!

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Sensuous Night click to listen to audio sample 7:49
2. Mystical Morning click to listen to audio sample 8:22
3. Morning Discoveries 2:51
4. Dusk in the Jungle 5:02
5. Ambrosial Afternoon 5:30
6. Turquoise Sunset 6:02
7. Emerald Forest click to listen to audio sample 5:48
8. Jungle Passions click to listen to audio sample 7:23