Guitars of Light


Welcome to an exotic world of Guitars (& other strange stringed instruments). The music here was inspired by my travels to distant lands and their amazing natural wonders.

The Instruments used on this CD include: Oud, Sitar, Surbahar, Dobro, Surbitar, Guitar/Sitar, Parrot (Dan Bau), Guchen, Lap steel, Setar, Charrango, Ukulele, Tamboura, Fretless bass, Jewari Bass, Bari-tone Classical & Electric guitars and many other acoustic and electric guitars (fretted & fretless).

Loads of ethnic percussion and drums were used: Dholak, Tablas, Kendang, Tarahumara Drum, Daf, Ceng Ceng, Gansa, Bonang , lots of shakers & more.



1.Streams of light      Buy Now

2.Global Trekking      Buy Now

3.Cactus Dreams      Buy Now

4.Desert Ritual          Buy Now

5.Choctaw Nation     Buy Now

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9.Guitars of Light      Buy Now

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