Guitar Sitar


Innovative, Exotic, Adventure Music

An amazing global journey into a rich sensuous bed of luxurious sound on the world’s only 17 stringed guitar sitar. The guitar/sitar was custom made for Chuck Jonkey by the skilled hands of Scott Hackleman.

Chuck relates: “After my first trip to India I started to study the sitar and realized that there are many things you can do on sitar that aren’t possible on guitar. I started searching for someone with the expertise to put my ideas onto the the instrument.” Here is the result… 7 main playing strings and 10 sympathetics. The guitar/sitar evokes a surreal sonic presence that blends with acousticdrums, percussion, tamboura and other exotic instruments.

Don’t miss this colorful, meditative and brilliant rhythmic recording.

Tracks                         MP3Length
1. Rainbow Eyes              7:03
2. Emerald Skies              6:17
3. Azure                           7:39
4. Golden Kashmir           4:07
5. Sapphire Stars             7:28
6. Ebony Earth                 4:56
7. Punjabi Peach              7:07
8. Coral Sands                 4:36
9. Indigo Dusk                  6:26
10. Chuck’s Moonlight      4:32

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