You’ll love the stunning music of Charana… inspired by my travels to India. “PRAYER” starts with sacred Sanskrit chants in the holy caves of Ellora.

Sizzling Latin rhythms combine with sitar, tamboura, tablas and other instruments of India to create an effervescent rainbow of exotic music. “FLOATING GARDENS” follows the rhythms of a boat being rowed in Kashmir. “INDIAN FLAMENCO” features sacred mantras chanted in a Buddhist lamasery. This is fabulous cross-cultural music… features Shubho Shankar on sitar.

To Leh

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Taj Express Download Sample music 5:23
2. Dadkar Well 6:07
3. Floating Gardens Download Sample music 1:40
4. Prayer 1:02
5. Caves of Ellora (Part 1) 3:44
6. Caves of Ellora (Part 2) 6:03
7. Gowchara Download Sample music 5:30
8. Amber Place Download Sample music 4:52
9. Himalayan Gompa 5:30
10. Jewel of Ladakh 4:03
11. Holy Poems 0:52
12. On The Road Download Sample music 4:24
13. Indian Flamenco Download Sample music 9:17
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