Alien Journey


Alien Journey

Alien Orbital Music

Join an alien colonizing party on its maiden voyage to the outer limits of the universe. Travel with these explorers on an aural space fantasy. Delve into unknown territory with adventurous songs of the Alien Journey.

This is really tantalizing music. Experience space… fly effortlessly through the cosmos. BE BOLD… Venture into nameless reaches of the galaxy with a 30 minute close encounter sound-scape… A Masterpiece of synthesized fantasy. Go all the way: join off-world pilgrims as they blast off in search of a new home planet. “This music went way beyond my expectations.” A.J.


Tracks                                  MP3                 Length
1. Danto                                                           5:03
1. Exploring the Universe  Download MP3       3:59
2. It’s Lonely in Space                                      5:27
3. A Bold Venture                                             3:34
4. Mystic Moons                                              7:54
5. Which Planet is This?    Download MP3      6:02
6. 7 Fingers                       Download MP3      1:58
7. The Journey Begins      Download MP3      31:04

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