Youseff Sentir Solos

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Youseff Sentir Solos

Youseff El Mistouri

The Sentir (sometimes called Gimbri) is an amazing Moroccon bass instrument used in Gnawa music. It has 3 gut strings, a long neck and a one piece wood body covered with camel skin. The sentir produces a rich, deep bass tone that gets percussive when the player hits the top of the skin like a drum.

This is true drum & bass music. Youseff is the artist and is truly a gifted sentir master.

This recording is of Youseff El Mistouri playing sentir and singing beautiful songs of the gnawa.

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Tracks Length
1. Lamulena 3:53 Buy MP3 89¢

2. Aisha Blakada 13:33 Buy MP3 89¢

3. Baerma 6:34 Buy MP3 89¢

4. Youbati 9:01 Buy MP3 89¢

5. Hayana Wayi 9:16 Buy MP3 89¢

6. Mousawi 11:21 Buy MP3 89¢

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