Tribal India

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Tribal India

Stunning Tribal Drums & More

Vibrant Folk Music of India. Spice is nice! Just like the aromatic food, Tribal India is packed with great monumental music from 1,000 years of tribal tradition.

This CD was recorded in legendary Calcutta using virtuoso folk musicians playing the world's most exotic instruments: shanai (Indian oboe), bansuri (bamboo flute), jala tarang (ceramic water filled cups), harmonium, tons of drums, percussion and more exhilarating music.

Discover Tribal India.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Nomadic Baul click to listen to audio sample 3:20
2. Morning Glory 5:19
3. Palligeeti click to listen to audio sample 2:25
4. A Village Wedding click to listen to audio sample 10:18
5. Village Girls Dance click to listen to audio sample 2:40
6. Boatman's Song 5:53
7. Young Bride 4:07
8. Mujra 4:18
9. Bengali Tribal Song 6:39