Seke Jegog Tingklik

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Seke Jegog Tingklik

Sekehe Jegog Tingklik

Experience an exotic landscape of gigantic bamboo forests on the refreshing island of Bali. Endless enchantment awaits you with deep bass bamboo drum music. Jegog is some of my favorite music. Organic, rhythmic, exotic and full of fire.

Sekehe Jegog Tingklik is the name of one of Bali's best jegog groups. I recorded them in their village and was knocked out by the precision and sheer joy of this music. Village experts pound out exquisite melodies and rhythms on bamboo xylophones of many sizes.

Experience the thrill of sonic excellence.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Tabuh Trungtungan Damar Sentir click to listen to audio sample 14:44
2. Tabuh Tari Tombak click to listen to audio sample 9:28
3. Tabuh Paksi Gelatik click to listen to audio sample 8:31
4. Tabuh Kreasi Kul Kul click to listen to audio sample 8:48
5. Tabuh Suara Alam 6:22