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Pankaj Sharma & Sauman

A magical sound that goes beyond the senses.

Mystic and exotic, the Sarangi is an amazing bowed instrument from northern India. Three gut melody strings and 40 sympathetic strings create an unparalleled sound that will take you to India.

Sarangi translates to mean 100 colors. The Sarangi is the most expressive of the indian instruments and is used to generate all of the emotions. In Hindu scripture Ravana played the Sarangi. Master musician Pankaj Sharma is accompanied by a master drummer who creates a touch of magic with the tablas.

A fabulous mix of color and sonic texture that will take you to ecstasy.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Love Song click to listen to audio sample 7:12
2. Dancing Girls click to listen to audio sample 7:22
3. Flower Girl 9:43
4. Mornng Prayer click to listen to audio sample 11:06
5. Soft Sadness 7:26