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Agüiri - Yo

Rumba was recorded live in the Old Havana section on the beautiful island of Cuba.

Rumba's roots go back to West Africa and was imported with the slaves when they were brought to the Carribean. This amazing music fused with Spanish folk music. Rumba is also an integral part of the Santeria religious rites and celebrations.

You'll love dancing to the primal beats of Rumba.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Si a Una Mamita click to listen to audio sample 5:08
2. Columbia click to listen to audio sample 9:01
3. Homenaje click to listen to audio sample 4:12
4. I Que Has Hecho 4:58
5. Rumba Contimba 6:04
6. Suavesito 4:21
7. Te Vas 5:52
8. Convergencia 4:46
9. Cun Cun Cun click to listen to audio sample 3:38
10. Yambu 7:37


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