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Panpipes, Flutes & Village Drums

Discover the charming exotic music of Lake Titicaca and mystical Cuzco with Peru. I spent a month in Peru searching for the absolute best musicians. Here they are... vibrant, colorful and rousing.

The soaring sounds of the quena flutes, and fantastic panpipes are added to lively drums and percussion to create flowing musical tunes that take you directly to the high Andes mountains.

Visit ancient Peru. Peru will give you hours of listening pleasure. Native musicians play ancient music with great sensitivity and passion.

WARNING! This music on this CD is not slick studio music... this is the real thing recorded live in Peru.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Valicha click to listen to audio sample 3:38
2. Wayri Chunchu click to listen to audio sample 3:42
3. Puno click to listen to audio sample 2:25
4. Diablada 4:48
5. Titicaca 4:18
6. Senor Leyudo click to listen to audio sample 1:51
7. Cholito 2:52
8. Sari 4:40
9. Sarascha 4:05
10. Sicuri 5:31
11. Mala Conciencia click to listen to audio sample 3:46
12. Virgenes del Sol 3:55