Mystic Bali

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Mystic Bali

Tropical, Expressive, Exotic

You'll love the mysterious sounds of Bali. I visited many villages to find the world's most exotic music. From small bamboo flutes to huge bronze gongs... Mystic Bali is a colorful collection of astounding village groups playing Angklung, Slonding, temple procession music, joged bamboo music & more.

Ever heard gamelan music? It's an incredible new world of sound. Gamelan instruments include big bronze xylophones and gongs. This music is sacred and is used in many Hindu temple ceremonies. I love the interlocking rhythms and melodies that soar through the clouds.

BEWARE... The musical scales used in Bali are not western... but they are wonderfully cool.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Pemungkak Anklung click to listen to audio sample 1:52
2. Slonding Rajan click to listen to audio sample 2:44
3. Monkey Temple Music 4:28
4. Merdy Kumala - Joged 9:00
5. Bamboo Scarecrow 1:07
6. Lovina Tin Clik 4:48
7. Marga Pati - Joged Werdhi 11:16
8. Payangan Procession 2:44
9. Pemgawak 2 click to listen to audio sample 6:36
10. Monkey Forest Procession click to listen to audio sample 3:20
11. Kamang Kuing click to listen to audio sample 4:02
12. Nyang Jangan 7:43