Masters of India

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Masters of India

Exciting World Music

Soaring rhythms from celebrated Indian masters flow like the waters of the great Ganges River in this action-packed musical experience. Discover musical magic with daring, wonderful sonic textures and melodies that will envelop you.

These musical scenes are inspired by the teachings of music masters Ravi Shankar and Harihar Rao. This HIGHPOWERED CD is an electrifying dynamic musical experience. Vibrant sitars, surbahars, tambouras, tablas, guitars and tons of percussion convey you to tropical windswept shores. This is your musical passport to seductive, spicy, spine-tingling adventure music.

If you have an active imagination, this music will transport your mind to fascinating India.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Moksha click to listen to audio sample 5:40
2. Sadhu 5:11
3. Mahatma click to listen to audio sample 5:56
4. Bahkti click to listen to audio sample 5:41
5. Vajra 3:01
6. Amrita click to listen to audio sample 4:02
7. Ganga 2:31
8. Prana 4:18
9. Dharma click to listen to audio sample 3:57
10. Risihi 4:41