Mask Music

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Mask Music

Hot & Saucy

Mask Music takes you on a musical journey that is stunningly colorful and at times haunting and mysterious. Inspired by the exotic seductive music of Indonesia... Mask Music features many exotic musical instruments that I discovered in Java and Bali.

Experience the exalted sounds of gongs, gamelan instruments (sarong, gender, bonand, slentem), bamboo xylophones, flutes, sitar and loads of ethnic percussion. One song "My Kecak" combines these exquisite new sounds with 100 villagers chanting the Kecak Monkey Dance!

Don't miss the dynamic vitality of Mask Music.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Chuck’s Kotekan 4:51
2. Hey Ya Ka 5:15
3. Septanya 4:40
4. Degung 1:33
5. Chuck’s Kecak click to listen to audio sample 8:49
6. Bandung 4:22
7. It’s Angklung 3:43
8. Gender Gambuh 2:30
9. Mask 5:30
10. Pemsargam 5:20
11. Ugal click to listen to audio sample 5:52
12. Mountain Top 5:28
13. Trance Dance click to listen to audio sample 6:27