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Festive Village Music

The Guatemalan Marimba has to be the happiest sound on earth. I recorded four venerable master musicians playing a king-size vintage marimba with its huge wooden resonators complete with the amazing "buzz" that is so characteristic of the Guatemalan Marimba.

This is not slick studio music... this is funky, frolicking Latin music that will take you to the colorful tropics.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. San Jose Chukaya click to listen to audio sample 3:30
2. Jardin Masaketa click to listen to audio sample 5:39
3. Mi Linda Maria 3:26
4. El Rey Quiche 8:23
5. Seis Por Ocho 5:17
6. Caide del Sol 5:48
7. Aldea Vazquez click to listen to audio sample 4:41
8. San Miguel Totonicapan 3:50
9. Son Dulce Maria click to listen to audio sample 4:42
10. Un Compadre 2:20
11. San Pedro Quztal 4:41