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Ritual Trance Music

Imagine standing in verdant aquamarine jungle, suddenly 100 villagers in exotic dress magically appear and commence a strange and haunting chant.

Kecak (pronounced Kay-chuck) was recorded in the mystic tropics of Bali amidst jungle, coconut palms and lush rice fields. This gripping performance is rhythmic Hindu chanting at it very best. An entire village tells the tale of Princess Sita's kidnap and rescue by the monkey general Hanuman. This tale is from the Hindu epic Ramayana text.

Delve into this magical sonic journey and relish in a mesmerizing primitive tribal experience.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Kids Talk 1:46
2. Men Practice 1:53
3. Kecak Ceremony part 1 click to listen to audio sample 7:50
4. Kecak Ceremony part 2 click to listen to audio sample 9:10
5. Kecak Ceremony part 3 9:09
6. Kecak Ceremony part 4 9:16
7. Kecak Ceremony part 5 9:41
8. Kecak Ceremony part 6 9:18