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Joged Yoga Sari

Joged music, also called Joged Bumbung, is very festive music played on bamboo xylophone instruments. Joged is played for festivals, weddings and parties. A very flirtatious dance is a part of Joged where men and women join in with the dancers.

The instruments also used are the Kendang (drums), ceng ceng (small hand cymbals), gong and suling bamboo flutes. Colorful, enthusiastic and joyous rhythms blend together in an amazing sonic experience.

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Tracks MP3 Length
1. Perama Santhi click to listen to audio sample 12:16
2. Candra Metu 10:06
3. Anggrek Bulan click to listen to audio sample 3:22
4. Sekar Jepun 10:44
5. Yogi Swara click to listen to audio sample 11:26
6. Tresna Asih 10:21
7. Tanjung Biru 6:16