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You'll love every minute of Jarocho... wonderfully wild, exotic and tropical harp music.

Jarocho music (Son Jarocho) has its origins in the 17th & 18th centuries from Spanish dances with additional African influences. Jarocho is usually a fast 6/8 against syncopated 3/4 time. The harp plays the melody and exciting solos while the Jaranas (small guitar-like instruments) play syncopated rhythms that blaze through tropical nights.

This is the happiest, most joyous music in the world. It's festive and fun, a triple delight.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. El Ahualuco click to listen to audio sample
2. El Cascabel click to listen to audio sample
3. El Butquito
4. Canto A Veracruz
5. El Colas click to listen to audio sample
6. El Huateque
7. El Pajaro
8. El Zapateado
9. Estampa Jarocho
10. La Bamba click to listen to audio sample
11. La Tusa
12. La Vieja
13. Siquisiri
14. El Alacran