Islamic Men's Choir

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Islamic Men's Choir

Village Voices Give Praise

This fantastic music is awesome yet simple and beautiful. Over 40 men sing with a drummer and gong player in an unmatched performance. The men sing with great joy and enthusiasm as they sway to the hypnotic drum beats and ringing of the gong. The head priest reads from the scriptures and then the men rise to their feet and sing with great devotion and strength.

This is yet another example of village culture at its best.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Sayid 8:09
2. Sayid part 2 click to listen to audio sample 17:06
3. Allah Kang Rohmad 6:34
4. Allah Kang Rohmad part 2 click to listen to audio sample 8:01
5. Syeh Kita 6:21
6. Seyh Kita part 2 5:10
7. Srokal Menggambarkan 6:31