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India Songs of Love

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Songs of Love

India Songs of Love is a delightful light hearted series of folk songs from Northern India that evoke images of love in small villages. Recordings feature the wonderful santur (hammered dulcimer), bansuri (bamboo flute) & beautiful tabla drums. Recorded in Calcutta, India & Glendale, California.

Tarun Bhattacharya: Santur
Subir Ray: Bansuri
Prasenjeet Poddar: Tabla
Chuck Jonkey: Percussion, Bass, Keyboards

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Tracks Length
1. Light and Breezy 6:50 Buy MP3 89¢

2. Let's Walk My Love 7:38 Buy MP3 89¢

3. I'm Dreaming of You 12:18 Buy MP3 89¢

4. My Lover Is Faraway 6:18 Buy MP3 89¢

5. I Will Always Love You 7:18 Buy MP3 89¢

6. New Love Is So Exciting 3:09 Buy MP3 89¢

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