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Drums of India

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Drums of India

High Powered Mystical Drumming

The wizardry of India's drummers is astounding. They are superb beat masters! Capture the magical spirit of India's best.

This CD was recorded by awesome drummers in Calcutta. Drums of India packs a percussive wallop. Massive collections of folk drums & percussion instruments create brilliant white-hot drumbeats. I commissioned the greatest drummers of the Calcutta music scene to record these sizzling hot drum grooves.

WARNING! Drums of India is going to knock you out.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Dhol Drums click to listen to audio sample 2:13
2. Duff solo 2:34
3. Southern Skies click to listen to audio sample 6:07
4. Madras click to listen to audio sample 6:09
5. Kanjira click to listen to audio sample 3:56
6. Mysore 3:57
7. Ghatam 6:26
8. Santali Madol 2:14
9. Krishnagiri 3:57
10. Shat Singari 1:59
11. Guru Groove click to listen to audio sample 4:39
12. Tin Tal 5:31
13. Kavali 2:23
14. Mahe 3:31
15. Chanda 6:31


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