Costa Rican Rainforest

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Costa Rican Rainforest

Sounds of the Jungle

Exclusive natural recording of the living rainforest. Imagine what it was like in the deep jungle as I recorded the cacophony of magical nature sounds. The only music you'll hear in this recording is nature's own sexy symphony.

Plunge headlong into the deep jungles. Howler monkeys imitate the growls of jaguars while parrots soar above the exquisite canopy. Thousands of strange insects & amphibians sing out mysterious mating calls. WANT A FANTASY?... Surrender to sensual primal jungle sounds.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Howler Monkeys click to listen to audio sample 2:10
2. Avian Adventures 5:44
3. Luminous Evening 3:20
4. Sunswept Morning click to listen to audio sample 5:18
5. Enchanted Forest 5:15
6. Evocative Jungle 7:12
7. Cycadias songs 4:03
8. Intimate Nocturne click to listen to audio sample 6:49
9. Aromatic Ambience 10:15
10. Tranquil Moments 4:50
11. Paradise click to listen to audio sample 6:11
12. Sensuous Rainforest 4:02
13. Effervescent evening 3:25