Cave Music: Deep Earth

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Cave Music

Deep Earth

"What is CAVE MUSIC?"

I was deep in central Java & was astonished as a local musician told me about cave music. He said that musicians pound on stalactites to make musical sounds! "WOW! This I've got to hear." We drove hours through lush volcanic mountains & verdant jungles on brutally rough roads until we got to the caves "GUWO TABUHAN".

Here's a primitive - raw & extraordinary audio adventure. Four village men pound stalactites in the cave to create an amazing melodic, rhythmic background... a drummer then adds a brisk tribal beat. Add village women singing the local dialect and you've got an unforgettable experience.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Reogkan click to listen to audio sample 3:35
2. Caping Gunung 3:42
3. Mung Slirama 8:01
4. Pangkur click to listen to audio sample 2:37
5. Lorobronto click to listen to audio sample 4:36
6. Stasion Balapan 1:36
7. Lingsir Wengi 11:07
8. Kangen click to listen to audio sample 3:04
9. Kutut Mangung 6:23