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Sensuous Flute Music of India

Deeply Satisfying... Bansuri's incandescent melodies will treat you to an intimate experience of resonant satisfaction. Bansuri takes you on an enchanting journey to explore new worlds of rapture and romance.

Flute master Sri Bishu plays aromatic music on the bamboo flute that is a garden of musical delight. He begins the first song slow & tantalizing, and is then joined by a master drummer who accents the crystalline flute tones with slow, pulsing rhythms of exotic drums. This passionate recording is perfect for creating Exotic Moods.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Jait - Alap, Jor & Jhala click to listen to audio sample 13:31
2. Pahani - Dhun click to listen to audio sample 11:10
3. Bagesree - Alap & Slow Gat click to listen to audio sample 4:35
4. Bagesree 15:51
5. Bagesree - Fast Gat 16:08