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World Flutes

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World Flutes

Amazing Exotic Flutes from Distant Lands

Rich exhilarating flute music from around the world. I love the amazing sounds that come from traditional flutes. I have heard some of the world's most sublime flute music in my travels to faraway villages.

Here's a thrilling collection of flute players from Japan, Africa, Korea, Peru, China, India and beyond. Vibrant percussion and ethnic backgrounds accompany these masters of the world's greatest "Wind Music".

You'll love the amazing sonic melodies and soaring sounds of World Flutes.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Mandinka Music
2. Sajra
click to listen to audio sample 5:00
3. Kokdu Kaksi
4. Kan Ding Quin-Ge
5. Pahadi
click to listen to audio sample 4:37
6. Itsuki no Komoriuta
click to listen to audio sample 3:00
7. La Ceremonia
click to listen to audio sample 3:32
8. Durmo
9. Guan Shan Yueh
10. Sicuri
11. Gineman Selisir (Indonesia) 4:47
12. Chidori No Kyoku
13. Sarisir
14. Pututu Phykuy
click to listen to audio sample 6:05
15. Shaku Solo
16. Bansuri

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