Russian Folk

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Russian Folk

Experience the East

Enter a timeless realm of passion and adventure. Imagine drifting along the Neva River and enjoying the majestic splendors of Saint Petersburg. Russian Folk was recorded here in this magical city.

I found musical master musicians who performed on traditional Russian instruments: bass balalaika, accordion, balalaika, violin and percussion. Russian folk music is exciting, evocative and romantic. Two vocal pieces complete this amazing set of timeless, traditional music.

Create a magical atmosphere of smoldering Russian intimacy. Unforgettable performances will transport you to ravishing new realms of exotic pleasures.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. St. Petersburg 2:51
2. Mountain Meadows click to listen to audio sample 2:51
3. Chetut 2:59
4. Sadrushka click to listen to audio sample
5. Box Salesman 3:15
6. Cteng 1:46
7. Katyusha click to listen to audio sample 1:01
8. Pucckaa 3:01
9. Kopoe click to listen to audio sample 2:30
10. Ivushka 2:00
11. Kalinka 2:12
12. Pri Rushki 3:22
13. Zapogam 3:33
14. Utushka 2:11
15. My Beloved 2:16
16. Nichego
17. Borioza 1:51
18. Moonlight 2:44
19. Shining Moon