Shaman's Dream: Prana

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Shaman's Dream: Prana

World Music for the Yogic Journey

This is Shaman's Dream award winning third release. This sublime global music is designed for meditation & yoga. An amazing global collage of world music that features Tibetan children chanting, Thai villagers singing, native musicians playing and Indian mystics praying.

Prana is chock full of ethnic drums, percussion, flutes, synth, guitar, and guitar/sitar... all of these exotic instruments combine to create pure sonic satisfaction.

Thousands have enjoyed Prana. Prana is used in many yoga studios and has be featured on numerous radio shows.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Prana 3:40
2. Honey in the Heart click to listen to audio sample 9:40
3. Warming the Soul click to listen to audio sample 9:33
4. Sacred Alchemy click to listen to audio sample 7:04
5. Offerings 5:35
6. Holy Water 11:18
7. Storm of Prayers 10:23