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Parallel Universe

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Parallel Universe

Deep Space Music

Experience the songs & sonic spacescapes of the parallel universe... a voyage through the outer limits of space. Have you ever wondered what it could be like on the other side? PARALLEL UNIVERSE will give you a musical glimpse of what that place must be like.

Explore the strange parallel universe where powerful forces of another dimension pull you helplessly backwards. This exotic collection of instrumental space music is a peerless musical exploration of strange new worlds.

An outrageous sonic adventure.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Parallel Dreams click to listen to audio sample 3:41
2. The Jungle click to listen to audio sample 6:09
3. Star’s March 4:18
4. Ancient Orbit Zeta 3:24
5. Dancing Backwards 4:22
6. Mirror Image click to listen to audio sample 2:19
7. Volcanic Musings click to listen to audio sample 4:41
8. Pilgrimage to the Cosmos 5:31
9. Eternal Cycle click to listen to audio sample 22:47


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